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Members of Pride 100 are eligible to nominate: nonprofits, organizations, groups, and/or individuals who support the LGBTQIA+ community in the Bryan/College Station area.

Due February 19th, 2024
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Nomination Process*


Nomination of Organizations/Groups/Individuals/Non-profits

Pride 100’s nomination form is available on the Pride 100 website up above. Pride 100 members can nominate organizations/groups/individuals (i.e., Nominees) that they want to be considered for the giving meeting. Nominees should be supportive of the Pride 100 mission which is to strengthen and empower the Bryan/College Station community through collective giving to organizations, nonprofits, groups, initiatives and people, working to foster a safe, inclusive, equal and affirming Aggieland for LGBTQIA+ people.


Collection of Information from Nominees

All organizations, groups and/or individuals nominated by Pride 100 members will be asked to fill out a Nominee Questionnaire that collects information about the mission of the organization, how it benefits the LGBTQ* community, and other relevant information such as the method they use to collect donations, etc.  Sample questions can be found on the Pride 100 website below on this page.


Voting on Nominees by the Pride 100 Members

Information from all nominees that successfully fill out the Nominee Questionnaire will be sent out to Pride 100 members who will then be given the opportunity to rank nominees in order of preference for presenting at the giving meeting. The Nominee Information will be sent electronically to all Pride 100 members. Pride 100 members will be provided a deadline by which rankings must be submitted. (Team captains will receive the email for their entire team and teams will be given only one opportunity to rank Nominees).


Notification of               Top 5 Nominees

Pride 100 members will be sent an email announcing the Nominees who received the Top 5 highest rankings. These Top 5 Nominees will be notified that they will be presenting at the next giving meeting.  All Nominees not selected to present will automatically be given an opportunity to submit another Nominee Questionnaire for one calendar year from the original nomination.

*New process to begin March 2024


Presentation by Nominated Organizations at the Giving Meeting

The Top 5 Nominees will be given 5 minutes to present their cause to the Pride 100 members at the next meeting and after all presentations are completed, Pride 100 members will vote.  The organization that receives the most votes will be given the collective donation. In this way, the final decision of which nominated organization is ultimately selected for the collective donation will be in the hands of the Pride 100 members.

Nomination Questionnaire
(questions are always evolving)

  • Tell us a bit about your organization and its mission.

  • What will the funds be used for (such as any new initiatives/programs)?

  • What LGBTQ+ specific programs or services do you provide or hope to provide? If so, do you have any data you may share regarding this?

  • How long has your organization been in existence? If a new program, when do you plan to launch?

  • If not already, are you planning to pursue 501(c)3 status?

  • Describe any community relationships you believe are important to your program and how you engage them?

  • How would this gift change the trajectory of your program/organization?

  • What is the potential impact of these funds in terms of populations served, beneficiaries reached?

  • Anything special/unique/interesting about your organization and people you would like to share?

Presentation Tips and  Requirements for Nonprofits

Presentation Tips and Requirements

  • Each presentation must be no longer than 5 minutes 

  • The presenter can be a member of the nonprofit or a member of Pride 100

  • Presentations should include a short summary of the cause/mission of the nonprofit and also what donated funds would be used for.

  • Effective presentations have the following characteristics:

    • Write down what the nonprofit does, how the organization accomplishes its’ goals and who is affected

    • Tells a personal story (e.g., how the nonprofit directly made a change) and helps the audience have a clear understanding of the nonprofit’s purpose 

    • Gives details about how the funds will be used

    • Is practiced and timed before the actual presentation

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