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How It Works

100 Prideful LGBTQIA+ and Allies come together to donate $100 each. We raise $10,000 -  impacting LGBTQIA+ community in one hour.

  • Members nominate local nonprofits.

  • 5 organizations are selected from the nominated organizations to present their cause at a member meeting.

  • The members of Pride 100 vote and everyone donates $100 to the selected nonprofit. Members can donate by check or online.

Guiding Principles

  • Each member (or Team) donates $100 per meeting. Meetings are held three times per year in 2024: Spring, Summer and Fall.

  • Members can also be a team of two but no more than two. Each team counts as one full member and has only one vote. The team will still need to make one payment totaling $100 per meeting.

  • Each meeting 5 charities are selected from the local nonprofits nominated. Nonprofits are nominated by the members. Those selected will be given 5 minutes to make a presentation at each meeting. This presentation may be made by a member of the Pride 100 or a staff member from the nominated cause.

  • Members will vote by secret ballot, and the majority rules. In the event of a tie a re-vote between the two tied nonprofits will occur.

  • Even if members do not vote for the selected charity, they must donate their $100. All donations go to one nonprofit. Of course, members are more than welcome to donate to the other two organizations who presented if members would like to support them as well.

  • If a nominated nonprofit was not selected to receive funds, that nonprofit may be resubmitted as many times as a member chooses.

  • The nonprofit that receives donations must agree NOT to use the names/personal information for personal solicitations, nor give the information out to the public, and must provide a tax receipt when applicable.

  • "Winning" nonprofits can be resubmitted as nominees one year after being selected by the group as the selected nonprofit.

  • Members unable to attend a meeting must make their donation to the selected nonprofit within 7 days of the meeting.

  • Members who fail to donate within 7 days of the meeting and do not contact Pride 100 to discuss options are subjected to removal from the group.

  • Membership is annual. Members must re-register each year.

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